Monday, February 23, 2009


Not So Much...

I'm not "Likes to Hug Guy". Sorry. I am, or at least think I am a very friendly, outgoing, fun-loving individual. I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and try to be genuine. But, I'm not the huggy type guy. That being said...

TIME Magazine just did a an article that shows an increase in Hug giving and how in some places the Hug is replacing the Handshake. Really?!?! How does the Hug replace the Handshake? It baffles me.

The hug is actually a really complicated tactical maneuver. Think about it. What kind of hug is appropriate for the situation? Do you go for the full-on Hug or bear hug? Or do you do the shoulder hug or side hug? Maybe the more masculine guy hug? The worst is when you go for shoulder hug and they go for bear hug or any mixture of the hug types. You end up in this weird sort of dance not really sure who's leading or what direction to go next and you just try to not kiss or head butt each other.

Now I do agree a Hug is a very welcoming and loving way to greet someone and if you want to hug me feel free to. My mom was a very huggy person. Loved to greet people with a hug, loved to get hugs, she hugged me to death. To be honest, I'd give anything to get a hug from her right now. So the hug is not all that bad. It can just be a little confusing and needs to be given some rules or guidelines maybe. lol.

Have a Blessed Day. And feel free to hug me sometime.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Warm and Fuzzies

Stop Hiding and Let God be God Already

Last night at High Dive, (my weekly bible study) Pastor Q said something that really hit me. He said something to the effect of, "Do we allow God to REALLY work in us? To work out the dark, the ugly, the secrets in our life. Or do we just like to get the warm and fuzzies we get from church or praise and worship?"

Ouch! What kind of hardball question was that! Who does Pastor Q think he is, Nancy Grace! That question hurt. But all the good questions do.

I love going to church on Saturday nights. I go in, chat up a few friends, sit down, praise and worship starts, we sing, we pray, Pastor Craig comes out, drops some knowledge, we pray, I chat up a few friends after service and then I'm out the door. I feel all warm and fuzzy. It's nice. But when did God have a chance to WORK in me? I was there. I talked with Him. I said "Hi God, Look at me. I'm at Church today. Hope your good. See you next week." But do I really give God the opportunity to pour into my life? During the week. Are we to busy for God? School, homework, kids, friends, family, work, where is God's time?

Some of the best conversation I have ever had with my dad have come when I've just sat down with him and started talking. Man to man, Father to Son. No TV, no anything, just me and my dad. I've learned some really tough lessons from my dad. Had some of the greatest truths ever told to me during those conversations. Why? Because I made the time. To let my earthly father drop some of his knowledge and experience on me. To let him work in my life and be my dad. Shouldn't it work the same with our Heavenly Father? I think so.

As our Heavenly Father, he is waiting for us to say, "I'm here. Let's talk." Not so he can drop kick us into submission for screwing up or telling us how dumb we are for failing again. We need to show up time and time again so he can begin fathering us, loving us. God isn't up there waiting for us to mess up so He can rain down eternal damnation on our forehead. He's waiting for us to run to him. So he can heal our hurts, mend our brokenness and be our father. In Love. Just like the story of the prodigal son. He ran off from home with his money, blew it all away, basically screwed up royally. Came limping back home, unsure of what his father would do. And like a gracious and loving father should do, he brought his son back in and welcomed him with open arms. That my friends is the love our God has for us. And then some.

Let God be God in your life. Let him work on "the ugly", "the secret" parts of your heart where the bad things we do lay. You know, the stuff we think we can hide from God. It might hurt a little. But in the end, I know, it will be the best for me and my God will take care of me. In Love.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting Older

The Secret to Long Life?

No, it's not going to the "Fountain of Youth" in St. Augustine. Although, I have been there and its a total waste of money. The water tastes like sulfur and I've got a bottle of it on my shelf to prove it. Thank you Ponce De Leon for that one.

No, the secret to long life is (according to Herbert Hamrol at least) "wild women and good liquor". Herbert Hamrol, 106, who survived San Francisco's Great Earthquake of 1906 and recalled for later generations how his mother carried him to safety that day, has died. He smoked cigars into his 90s, and told whoever wanted to know that his secret to a long life was "wild women and good liquor," said Janine Barrett, a manager at Andronico's Market in San Francisco.


I kill myself at the gym, 3 maybe 4 times a week. I eat healthy. Watch my weight. Take vitamins. I work hard to keep my body in tip-top shape. This guy smoked like a chimney, drank and did whatever and lived to 106!


And he's not the only one. One lady lived to be 104. Said the secret was a great husband and lots of chocolate. Another said his secret to get to 105 was to only smoke NON filtered cigarettes and drink lots of beer. The kicker was a guy who lived to be 101. He said, "I've never taken a vitamin once in my life. I take everyday that God gives and I do whatever I please with it. A scotch in the morning. A scotch in the evening. Lord willing, I'll see 102".

I kill it at the gym for what? After reading these stories I should just hang up the sneakers and grab a snickers bar and chase it with a piece of marble fudge cake!

This is further proof that our lives are in God's hands!

Only God knows how long I'm going to last on this crazy planet called earth. I just hope that when I go home to be with him he can say to me, "Well done. My good and faithful servant." and my secret to long life will read something like this:

"Live everyday to serve the heart of God. Do His will and let Him take care of the rest"

Be Blessed Today!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Tony Dungy


That is one way to describe the man I met this past Saturday over at Ave Maria Bookstore in Brandon. It's uncommon to meet a man with all the accolades and accomplishments that Tony has, be so humble and so approachable.

It's uncommon to meet someone who really would walk away from it all to pursue what he feels God is leading him to do. Could you walk away from a championship caliber football team with arguably the best player in the game and the millions of dollars associated with that position to do what? Serve people? Help men be better men? Could you walk away from that? I pray that if I ever have a decision like that laid before me I would.

It was great to see over 1000 people come out to meet the man behind the New York Times bestseller, Quiet Strength and the new book, Uncommon.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Humble Beginnings

The Friday Night Dance Jam

That my friends was the show that got me started here at Spirit FM. Back in 2002 or so, Olivia the host of Real Life Radio, asked me to come down and do a live Dance/Hip-Hop mix show with her. We did the mix show here at Spirit FM for 6 years. The only reason we stopped was because it was to much for me to do both The Big Big House Morning Show, Production for Spirit FM and the Friday Night Mix Show. But here is a picture of one of our first Friday nights!

That was Carlos, aka DJ Phokus seven years ago! (Side Note: That was one of my favorite shirts! Don't ask me why the bandanna. I don't know, it was a phase or something)
Shortly after I began the Friday Night Show I became an official Intern here at Spirit FM. Looking back, it's funny how God moves people into our lives and situations into our lives to complete His plan in us. Olivia, brought me in to Spirit FM. Between her and Bill Carl they trained me up. And if not for God, orchestrating it all and my obedience to His will in my life who knows where I would be. God is so good.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Funny

Video File

Laughter: noun
(According to

1: a sound of or as if of laughing
2: a cause of merriment

I love to laugh, it's the best thing. It's the Windex of life. It cures any bad mood, any foul feeling and can brighten any dull day. This made me belly laugh. Bear in mind, I'm the guy who loves AFV and will crack up uncontrollably when some guy trying to teach his 5 year old how to golf gets popped in the no-no's.

Enjoy a little laughter!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Different Approach


I am posting this video because it is breathtaking. The video is different from what you may be used to, but the message is powerful and the meaning is clear. It's awesome to see all the different vessels God can use to spread his message.

I don't know if the artist Flipsyde is a Christian or where his moral compass points, but I do know this. God can use anyone and anything to spread his message. The pro-life movement is something we as Christians should support and to see this guy create a video to reach a new generation, it's great. The video may not be your thing, but it can reach a generation of people in a way most others may not.


Monday, February 2, 2009


The Kids...

The Christian rock band Vota is using dirty tactics to get radio stations across the country to play their new single "Hard to Believe". Who could tell these adorable kids no? I can't!

That's cheating! And very cute. For more info on Vota check out:


Super Stuff

Commercials and What-Not's

This years batch of super ads left me wanting more. What happened to that classic commercial that everyone talked about the next morning. Budweiser, self proclaimed "King of Beers" and one time "King of the Superbowl Ads" with their talking Frogs, Lizards and Whazup Guys is now nothing more than just another purveyor of 30 second fluff. Pepsi, tried to reclaim some of their Superbowl glory with this ad:

Made me laugh out loud, but still somewhat forgettable. I love the limo guy, by the way. I guess I just remember the old Pepsi vs Coke ads, with the Pepsi truck driver and the Coke truck driver. Those were clever and funny ads that stuck with you. The new "King of the Superbowl Commercial" has to be E-Trade.

Funny, cute and clever. A good commercial with staying power. One of the few this year. Gone may be the days of commercial after commercial that made me laugh out loud. Too bad. Commercials and the Superbowl. Maybe the only television event that successfully combines the two.

For more Super Ads check out: