Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10AM on Wednesday

Thank the Lord! It has come! Spread the Word is just three weekdays long (plus the weekend before), but it's a grueling few days. When the clock struck 10 this morning, Carlos and I breathed a sigh of relief. Our "shift" was over.

Thank you to everyone who called in with a faith promise. That term really came to life this week. So many callers asked for prayer for a job. How do you make a gift when you don't have a job? That's faith in action. We're gifted $1, $5 and $10 gifts, $500, $1500 and $5000 gifts. Each one helped us reach those hourly goals and get over those hurdles.

We do a lot of praying and thinking during these campaigns. What makes people give? Why do they pick up the phone? God, please move people to call. Help us to say the right thing. What is that statistic? Like 3% of people who listen to listener-supported radio actually give. That's disappointing. Do people just tune out? Do they go away during Spread the Word or Shareathon and then come back when the coast is clear? If you listen throughout the week, you know they are missing out on a lot of great moments. Moments of teaching, witnessing, cheering, laughing and most important, miracle moments.

If you tuned out and now you're back, welcome back! We're happy to have you. You're as much of a part of our Spirit FM family as the person who gave $500 or $1200. If you don't give to this ministry for whatever reason, I'm asking you to consider it. Consider what you get from the music, the prayer, the discussion and then ask yourself what it's worth to you. It doesn't have to be Spread the Word time for you to make a gift. You can make your gift here.

So many lives are touched through your Faith Promise. One man emailed us listening online in Ontario, Canada. He listened to prayer time and appreciated the Thought for the Day. Another woman said her husband always wanted her to listen and she never did. He passed away in August and on the way to the cemetery she turned on Spirit FM. She's listened ever since and it makes her feel connected to her husband. There are countless emails just like that, so don't think you're just giving to a radio station. That's the least of what your gifts do.

Thank you again for praying for us and this ministry. Know that your prayers were heard and answered.