Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hands and Feet

Needs Help!

The Hands and Feet Project , a 501c3 non-profit organization, is a children's village in Jacmel, Haiti that was started by the band Audio Adrenaline in 2004. Their mission is to care for orphans and to use pop culture to introduce the 1st world to the orphans of the world. The land was purchased in late 2004, and construction began in early 2005. Their first little girl arrived in the spring of 2005, and we now care for 34 children ranging in age from 2 months - 9 years old.

Hurricane Gustav has hit the island hard and caused a great deal of damage to The Hands and Feet Project village. If you would like to help please visit their website: or click on the widget below. Thanks and God Bless YOU!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Building 429

A Good Group of Guys

These guys are just some awesome men of God and we had a great time with Building 429 when they stopped by our studios. Be on the lookout for their new album Building 429 which hits store shelves Oct. 21st. They will also be heading out on tour with Addison Road and After Edmund for the "Truth Hope and Love Tour" starting Oct. 1st.
For more info check out:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Men are Dumb


Why must most men compete at everything? Why do we feel the need to be better than the next man? I'll be the first to admit it. "Hello, my name is Carlos and I am addicted to competition".

Let's go back a few hours (Irritating Sounds of a Time Machine culminating with a Keanu Reeves type "Whoa").

OK, welcome to Monday, August 25th. The time. 4:00pm EST. The place. Bally's Gym. (Let's do this in 3rd person just for

Carlos enters the gym, confidence peaking with the anticipation of a good workout is quickly shot down when he walks over to a bench press machine used by a woman half his size lifting more than he could dream. Undaunted he quickly switches routines to his trusty plan B. The back workout routine. Carlos pulls up next to a lateral pull down machine and selects his weight. 115 pounds. He eyes the machine, drops his towel and goes to work. The sounds of some 80's one hit wonder bands fills the gym as Carlos is wrapping up his second set and is interrupted by a tap on his shoulder.

"Cut in while your using a machine guy" asks Carlos if he can work-in. Always trying to be an accommodating gym goer Carlos says, "Yeah sure, do you want me to drop the weight?" As if stunned by Carlos' statement "Mr Cut-In" says, "Nah man, if anything I need to up that weight". With nothing left to say, Carlos says, "Have fun", all the while thinking to himself, "you big dope, you're way skinnier than I am and twice my age, I just hope you don't rip your arm out of socket".

"Mr. Cut-In" takes the weight up to 130 or so pounds and rubs out a set of 10, drops the stack and looks over at Carlos, with a face that says, "Yeah, beat that chump"; "OK then" thinks Carlos. He walks over, drops the stack one more notch to 135 and rubs out his own set of 10. "Mr Cut-In" not to be out done drops the stack one more notch and rubs out 8. Carlos drops the stack one more and barely knocks out 8, some might call it 7 and 3/4 but since this is my story we'll just say it was 8.

Carlos knows he can not go another notch and is just about to walk away when, "ARGH!!!" says "Mr Cut-In". He did something to himself thought Carlos. As he walks over Carlos asks "Mr Cut-In" if he's ok only to be told that he was fine and may have just aggravated an old sports injury. "Mr Cut-In" says he's fine and walks away to go do something else. Cardio thought Carlos or at the very least the sauna or jacuzzi.

(OK, that was fun but now back to me)

So who's fault is this? Mine or "Mr Cut-In" guy? I blame mankind's need for competition. Men proving who's better by acts of physical strength. I was fully involved in the need to prove I was bigger, better, stronger and so was he. He just needed to beat the younger version of himself. Something I think I will get caught into when I'm pushing 50. For me, this all boils down to me and "Mr. Cut-In" forgetting there is a loving God out there who no matter, who comes out stronger, or faster, or bigger, or badder, will loves us both the same. I wanted to win so that I was better than he was. Forgetting that in God's eyes we are equal. I should have loved him in Christ and just set back my weight, turn the other cheek in a sense and let him win. In the end it proved what? It could have been me who pulled something. Next time it might time....I will use better judgement.

God Love You!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Miley and the Jonas Bros

Showing Some Love

Yesterday was a big day for Jonas Brothers fan as their new project “A Little Bit Longer” hit store shelves and became available for download. Last month Miley Cyrus’ new project “Breakout” was released. Next month these two major teen stars will be sharing the same stage for a benefit concert in support of City of Hope.

This September the Disney Music Group artists will take the stage at Disney’s “Concert for Hope,” a benefit concert supporting cancer research and treatment programs at City of Hope.

City of Hope Pres./CEP Michael A. Friedman, M.D. said…We are honored and grateful for the generosity of Disney, Creative Artists Agency and the dedication of Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers in supporting the lifesaving work of City Of Hope. This Concert for Hope demonstrates their commitment to improving the lives of patients with cancer and to helping create a future in which cancer is not only treatable, but curable and preventable.

Good news from the Miley Camp! It's nice to get a really positive story and great to see her showing God's love to those less fortunate. She doesn't have to do this show, but she is making the time and using her status as a celeb to help those less fortunate. Reminds me of this passage:

Matthew 25:37-40

"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing? And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?' And the king will answer them, 'Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.' "

God is Love and God is Good. Be Blessed!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Gossip Free

This morning we talked about a Pastor who is taking a big stand on what many people view as a small issue. Here is the story from

A Michigan pastor is challenging his congregation and Christians across the country not to gossip for at least eight days. The campaign is called, "Gossip Free" and is set to begin on Friday, Aug 8.

Gossip is a timeless problem that is warned about in the Bible, fills the pages of countless magazines and even glamorized on television shows like "Gossip Girl."

Pastor Kevin Hester of The Sancutary Baptist Church in Coloma, Mich. believes there is nothing attractive about gossip. "Gossip is very devastating and the Bible says we shouldn't do it, in fact God mentions it right next to murder in the scripture," Hester explained.

Three years ago the rumor mill turned personal for Hester. He became a victim of malicious gossip and the experience changed his life. Now he is launching a campaign against it.
Hester and his church have distributed some 2,000 "Gossip Free" bracelets along with his "Gossip Free" booklet.

"We're challenging people to go eight days, from speaking gossip and from listening to it," he said.
While many believe that gossip is just harmful chatter, Hester begs to differ. He commented, "It can be like cancer. If you don't take care of it early, it just grows and grows until ultimate destruction occurs."

Response to Hester's "Gossip Free"challenge has been tremendous and has attracted national media attention, and scores of emails from people across the country.

"Every few hours I check my cell phone and I'll read emails and one came across how a lady who's been a chronic gossipper for 40 years was just so encouraged by the movement that we're doing right now that it's changing her life," Hester said.

Residents of Coloma know going gossip free is not going to be easy.

Jennifer Moore said, "It's hard to keep from it completely, but this reminds me everyday."
Moore's 14-year-old son, Joey sees gossip as a sin.

"I see gossip as a sin, I see it as a bad thing too, but God forgives sins and if you're ready to be forgiven for them I think the first step would be try going gossip free," he said.

Some local businesses are also embracing the challenge to rid their workplaces of toxic talk.

Rebekah Trosper is a member of Hester's church and a department manger at the Benton Harbor Walmart. She introduced the "Gossip Free" challenge to her co-workers.

"We have associates trying to go against each other trying to see who's going to gossip first," she said. "They are taking it seriously. It's already reduced the gossip in the store."

Gossip may seem like a small issue to some, however God may have a different view. I appreciate all your takes and view points and look forward to hearing more again soon.